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HICA (Hidden Confidential Archives) is a program that allow to the linux user, hide his configuration, cache, cookies, etc. of his Firefox browser to the eyes of users that use your system or account, for then restore it fastly and with little command.
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What is HICA?

This, is a program that you will allow the option to hide your configuration archives of your favourite browser like Firefox, Mozilla, etc. to the eyes of other people that use your system or account. So, of this way and for a little command, you will can be free to write yours passwords and enter in all type of pages without that others will can see nothing.

Why this name?

The name HICA, is an acronym of Hidden Confidential Archives. The first name for the program was "mom-porn" because the main purpose of the program is hide the visited pages of the browser, that in my case, is hide my visited adult pages to the eyes of my parents. When I tryied to register my project in SourceForge, the admins said me that the name didn't be adequate. Finally, I decided call it HICA because I belive that is a formal name for a serious project.

Where I can get it?

You can get HICA in the download section of this page or in the homepage of the project in Sourceforge page. You will can download it in several formats like .tar.gz, tar.bz2, .zip, .deb or .rpm.

Where I can get support?

This project is hosted in Sourceforge. A big knowledge base has been build there, so use it to find out solutions or discuss about your problems with the community, or just leave some words about HICA. Please use the following links:

I can collaborate on HICA Project?

Yeah! I need a lot of help in this project like beta testers, translators to other languages, others developers, etc. If you want help me in something about this project, e-mail me now!